Thanks to our long professional path and our position as leaders in the sector, we provide a total guarantee to our clients:

  • Modules with direct EXIOM guarantee: we submit the product to demanding processes of qualification. It is for this, that all EXIOM modules satisfy the highest standards of quality.
  • Positive tolerance in installed power: On the basis of the volume of the operations that EXIOM makes, it is capable of guaranteeing positive tolerance for the power of its modules.
  • Guaranteed Availability: We have approximately 1MW of panels of different power stocked in our stores in Valencia.
  • Bank Guarantees: EXIOM assures the execution of its installations with bank guarantees from first-rank financial institutions.

Pre-sale Service

We like to listen to our clients. That is why we have the solutions that meet your needs. Your investment needs knowledge and tools, but especially people capable of understanding you and sharing that knowledge with you. Our team of professionals will think about the best economic and financial advantages, so that you only worry about your business.

In EXIOM we pay special attention to the quality of the products that we commercialize. For this, we get very much involved in the search of raw materials and in the productive process, in order to be able to offer resistant and long-lasting products. Obtaining this ideal result, has been the result of hard work, which has led us to developing our own standards of quality and our own methods of manufacturing.métodos de fabricación.

After-sale Service

This term which is so used in the management area defines the set of activities and operations that are made after the closing of any mercantile transaction.

In EXIOM we think only about long-term relations. Our work means generating the sufficient reliability on the company and its staff so as to achieve a regular purchase, establishing the bases of a long-lasting and mutually profitable link.

In the after-sale service we include all the support needed to help the client in the use of the product or service. For EXIOM a sale never concludes because our goal is to assure that the client should remain completely satisfied.