At Exiom we are focused on manufacturing high quality modules, in order to offer a larger guarantee than the conventional one in the sector.


YEARS OF PRODUCT WARRANTY* instead of the market average 12 to 15 years


YEARS OF PRODUCTION GUARANTEE* instead of the common 25 years, ensuring the performance values ​​included in each of the technical data sheets

We have 13 years of experience in the production of photovoltaic modules, with a Quality Department specialized in carrying out continuous control in our factories. This is carried out both on the raw materials the panels are manufactured with, as well as on the manufacturing process and the final result. A protocol is followed to obtain maximum product excellence, with a positive tolerance of up to 5%.

The performance of our photovoltaic modules has been proved in all types of environments and climates, implemented in a large number of projects and notably satisfying the needs of our customers around the world.

Thanks to our large experience and our leader position in the sector, we provide a total guarantee to our clients that also includes:

Modules subjected to demanding qualification processes: Which ensure that our panels meet the highest quality standards

Guaranteed availability: As we have approximately 5 MW of panels of different power stocked in our warehouses in Europe.

Bank guarantees: Exiom ensures the execution of its installations with bank guarantees from top-tier financial entities.

*Maximum warranties applicable only to HJT, TOPCON and IBC models. The corresponding guarantees indicated in the Guarantee document will apply to the rest of the panels.


Exiom is rated as TIER 1 manufacturer by Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Our panels are subject to a demanding manufacturing process in which we incorporate the highest quality materials. The extensive automation of our production chain ensures a safe, precise and efficient manufacturing process that avoids damage and impurities.

In our facilities a large team of expert technicians in the field of photovoltaics is in charge of carrying out the most rigorous controls, automatic verifications, simulations and visual inspections of the materials. These are carried out before, during and after the manufacturing process to guarantee the quality of the raw materials obtained from third parties, eliminate any defective material and check the good condition of the packaging in which they are stored.

All this results in a high-quality product, which has made us being distinguished as the only Spanish manufacturer and one of the only Europeans rated as Tier 1 by the prestigious Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Exiom photovoltaic modules are subject to a series of requirements to supply the nominal power, be safe and durable. In this sense, with the testing, measurement and inspection services of the different certifying companies, we can fully ensure the quality of our modules.

In addition, all our photovoltaic modules also have a large number of international certificates, such as:

CE Declaration of Conformity (CE Directive 2004/108/CE on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Directive 2006/95/CE on Low Voltage)

Safety qualification of photovoltaic modules (IEC61730)

Design qualification and homologation (IEC61215)

Pre-sale service

We like to listen to our clients. That is why we have the solutions that meet your needs. Your investment needs knowledge and tools, but especially people capable of understanding you and sharing that knowledge with you. Our team of professionals will think about the best economic and financial advantages, so that you only worry about your business.

In EXIOM we pay special attention to the quality of the products that we commercialize. For this, we get very much involved in the search of raw materials and in the productive process, in order to be able to offer resistant and long-lasting products. Obtaining this ideal result, has been the result of hard work, which has led us to developing our own standards of quality and our own methods of manufacturing.métodos de fabricación.

After-sale service

This term which is so used in the management area defines the set of activities and operations that are made after the closing of any mercantile transaction.

In EXIOM we think only about long-term relations. Our work means generating the sufficient reliability on the company and its staff so as to achieve a regular purchase, establishing the bases of a long-lasting and mutually profitable link.

In the after-sale service we include all the support needed to help the client in the use of the product or service. For EXIOM a sale never concludes because our goal is to assure that the client should remain completely satisfied.