EXIOM SOLUTION has successfully integrated the entire value chain of photovoltaic business, from the manufacturing of photovoltaic panels and support structures to the O&M of photovoltaic plants, our business model encompasses the promotion and key-in-hand mode.

Our goal is to offer customers around the world state-of-the-art systems, respecting our common values, our management style and the principles of continuous improvement.  We maintain the principles of sustainability in the works carried out. We ensure adequate management of natural resources, respect for the community and the creation of local value and integration by hiring local people in accordance with current legislation and good practices.


The current legal and market environment offers excellent conditions for the development of a more stable, efficient and reliable model than operating within the European Energy Markets.

Electricity Generation through grid-connected photovoltaic systems that sell their production in the Wholesale Electricity Market (POOL) obtain very attractive long-term investment returns, which has allowed the Spanish photovoltaic market to be the focus for international investment funds.

The price of the components of a photovoltaic plant has drastically dropped in recent years so it is essential to have a partner who can take full advantage of what the current environment offers.


EXIOM is the only player in the Spanish market with the capacity to be present in all phases of the value chain of the photovoltaic market and offer, with full guarantees, a complete solution.

The vertical integration of our products and services allows us to deliver a differentiated solution to the market:

Spanish manufacturer’s warranty on 85% of the supply of plant components.

We guarantee the best logistics management in the components manufactured by Exiom.

Traceability of components from the start of manufacturing to the delivery of the plant.

Financial Solvency; we assume legalization and construction risk until the delivery of the plant.

Best possible price in EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) mode.


We work closely with our clients to deliver the project they ask for:

Ad Hoc development of PV projects that sell the energy produced in the wholesale electricity market.

Detail engineering of the Generation and Connection Infrastructure plant.

Complete legalization of the Project until status Ready to Build.

Construction of the plant in Turn Key

Project Network Connection

O&M from the plant.